Join Us As We Celebrate The Opening Of Our Online Fine Art Print Store

The day we decided to go to France

Sunday, March 20th, 2022

9:00am AEDT

The Distant Francophile online fine art print shop is (finally) here. And Scotty and I are celebrating with a Zoom party, broadcast live from our dining table.

For about an hour, we’ll be chatting about the images in our first collection, where, when and how they were taken and why they rate as our favourites, It’s also highly likely that we’ll go off script and talk about why we love France so much too. And we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about France or travel photography.  

We’ll be doing all of this while enjoying a classic French breakfast, just like the one pictured above. Yes, croissant crumbs will fly and coffee will inevitably be spilled. And we’d love for you to join us. Depending on where you are in the world, feel free to bring along your breakfast, afternoon tea, cocktail or night cap and celebrate with us.

If you can join us, let us know by RSVP-ing on this page. And please feel free to RSVP even if you can’t join us live. We’ll send the recording to anyone who fills in their details.

We can’t wait to chat and celebrate with all of our Francophile friends soon. 

Warmest, Janelle & Scotty xx

P.S. Because it’s a party, we’ll also have a special surprise for anyone who chooses to join the celebration – either live or on the replay. For the record, I’m REALLY bad at surprises. It’s seriously taking everything I have not to share it with you right now. But, let’s just say this surprise is a good one. And I can’t wait to spill the beans xx